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Due to the nature of our inventory this item will only be in stock for a short period of time. free shipping on B&H Super 8mm film Projector

B&H Super 8mm film Projector

B&H Super 8mm film Projector

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Detailed Description

B&H Super 8mm Film Projector - Used Item IN STOCK and in good condition. All items have been previously used, but have been fully tested and serviced by our technicians and include a 90 day exchange warranty. All Projectors Include 1 reel, lens, new bulb and new belt. Since this is a used Item, it may show some minor signs of use but should not affect performance.

Product Details - The Bell & Howell 356A movie projector will play only super 8mm films.  Features include a 1” f1.6 lens, auto film loading, manual frame adjustment and still frame viewing

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