Fujitsu FI-6130 Install Instructions

Fujitsu FI-6130

Don’t plug in the scanner yet.

Copy and paste this link into your web browser.

Don’t plug in the scanner yet.

  • 1.Click on the file labelled Fujitsu FI-6130
  • 2.Click on the file labelled PaperStream IP Drivers
  • 3.Click on the file labelled “FI-6130 FI-6230”
  • 4.Click on the file labelled “Fujitsu TWAIN32 Version 9.21.1600”
  • 5.Click the File Ft9i18gx1, select download then select direct download.
  • 6.Move the downloaded file Ft9i18gx1 on to your desktop and click on the file(in the bottom left corner if using chrome) (Top right if using Internet Explorer)
  • 7.It will create a Disk1 file on your desktop, open disk1 file
  • 8.Select Setup under Fjdammy.dll
  • 9.It will open up a window to start the download
  • 10.Select English, then select next at the bottom of the screen
  • 11.Select Next on all the screens until it gets to finish
  • 12.Now you can plug in the scanner and the computer should pick it up.

Fujitsu FI-6130Z

Open the folder on the DVD

  • 1.Click on the AutoPlayer file
  • 2.It will ask if you want to extract the files click extract all
  • 3.Pick the destination and then click extract
  • 4.Then click on the fujitsu FI 6130Z the one that says Application to the right of the file folder
  • 5.Then a box will open up and start downloading.
8th Jun 2022

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