Casio Algebra FX 2.0 Graphing Calculator

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Casio Algebra FX 2.0 Graphing Calculator  - Used Item IN STOCK and in good condition. All items have been previously used, but have been fully tested and include a 90 day exchange warranty. Since this is a used Item, it may show some minor signs of use but should not affect performance. Manual can be downloaded below.

Technical Details - For students in any field, but especially math and sciences, Casio's FX 2.0 algebra graphing calculator is a problem-solving tool with features for storing, graphing, and analysis using the computer algebra systems, programming, statistical functions, and many other features.

The large, readable display exhibits 8 lines and 21 characters in black and white with icon and pull-up menus. You can factor/expand and simplify simultaneous equations with a maximum of 30 orders. The FX 2.0 analyzes up to 10 matrices combined with data storage in lists containing up to 999 elements per list. It solves equations interactively for different variables and calculates mean/median and sum, distribution, mode results and regression coefficient.

Readily accessible functions from basic math include random numbers, DMS, auto zoom, decimals/fractions, first/second derivatives, integration, complex functions, matrix functions, and base-n calculations. It also performs statistical functions like histograms/broken line, box plots, modified box plots, distribution curve, scatter plot/XY line, med-med line, and linear/quadratic/cubic and quartic regression. Additionally, sinusoidal regression, logistic regression, trace of regression graph, and copy of regression expression are easily accessed features. Program functions incorporate user-defined programs, a search for program name, and a search for program data.

The algebra tutor shows step-by-step solutions or allows the student to manually solve equations. The FX 2.0 includes 128 KB RAM and 768 KB flash ROM. A communication port enables linking to a personal computer, to another FX 2.0, or to a Casio data analysis device. With unlimited history, catalog function, up to 20 function memories, calculation window, clipboard, resume, up to 20 pictures, and three languages (English, Spanish, and French), the FX 2.0 is essential equipment for Algebra 1 and 2 and in physics and engineering courses. It is powered by four AAA alkaline batteries and one lithium battery for backup to preserve memory.



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Additional Info

90 Day Exchange Warranty
Currently In Stock! Usually Ships within 24hrs. Due to the nature of our inventory this item will only be in stock for a short period of time.
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