Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 Laptop

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Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 laptop - Used Item IN STOCK and in good condition. All items have been previously used, but have been fully tested and include a 90 day exchange warranty. Since this is a used Item, it may show some minor signs of use but should not affect performance.

Product Description -Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 is a strong and rugged laptop that can withstand harsh working conditions. Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 offers a long life coupled with exclusive performance. This laptop is shockproof, drop-proof, waterproof, and it does not cause any problems even with rough handling. However, this laptop may not be suitable for multimedia and gaming options. Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 supports extremely quick and precise wireless connectivity and processing in the remotest and harshest environments. You can use the most sophisticated software and work on any application anywhere through this laptop. Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 is within a hardened magnesium-aluminum case. It is available in metallic silver. It has a waterproof keyboard and has rubber seals on all openings. All hardware is within a shockproof case. The hard drive is removable and enclosed within an aluminum frame case with foam cladding. This protects the hard drive from any sort of shock. Even dropping this laptop from a great height does not cause any destruction. Every hinge, connector and seal offers extensive durability due to its design and enclosures. The front side has a carrying handle and a sliding power switch. The back side has a plastic flap enclosing a serial port with a latched door housing many ports. The sliding docking door prevents the door from flapping open when docked.


Reviews (3)

Brian Klaubert 5th May 2016

Toughbook was "Like New"

Very happy. Prompt delivery of exactly the product I ordered, Panasonic T30 Toughbook. While this is an older product with less powerful processor, it is otherwise a fantastic product. The unit looked brand new, not just cleaned or refurbed. The touch screen works flawlessly. The harddrive has a clean installation of Win7 Pro, without other left-over software still installed.

Bradley Mabe 20th Apr 2016

Great deal - worth every penny

My CF-30 arrived well packed. It is in great shape, just a few very minor scuffs that aren't really noticeable unless you look closely. All the covers were in great shape. The battery holds a charge well. The touchscreen works flawlessly as does the touch pad. My unit also came with the GPS receiver installed and it works well. I bought a cd / dvd drive that slid right into place after removing the blank cover. I also upgraded the memory to 4Gb for $40 bucks. All the USB, serial and firewire ports check out fine. This is a really good deal and an excellent buy. The CF-30 is really tough and should serve me well in programming commercial radio and telecom equipment. Thanks Porter Electronics!

Additional Info

Additional Info

90 Day Exchange Warranty
Currently In Stock! Usually Ships within 24hrs. Due to the nature of our inventory this item will only be in stock for a short period of time.
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What's Included:
Laptop, Battery and Power Cord
Operating System:
Windows 7 Professional

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