Sony M-560V Microcassette Voice Recorder

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Sony M-560V Microcassette Voice Recorder- Used Item IN STOCK and in good condition. All items have been previously used, but have been fully tested and include a 90 day exchange warranty. Since this is a used Item, it may show some minor signs of use but should not affect performance.

Product Description - Sony's M-560V Microcassette Recorder takes the notes for you. Bring it to your meetings, interviews, and classes - the voice-operated recording activates the recorder only when audible sound is present, conserving tape and eliminating soundless passages.  Features include a record/battery indicator with a Voice Mirror, 30-hour battery life, the "Clear Voice Plus" Recording System, which provides greater clarity during recording and playback, and a 3-digit tape counter. Play and record operation is also made easy with one-touch recording






Reviews (3)

David 17th Jun 2016

Excellent, Top of the Line Sony Recorder... 5 Stars!

This is one of Sony's top of the line units and models in the Microcassette Voice Recorder realm. There was only one originally manufactured in this same time period, that is more expensive or a cream of the crop in the field (BTW, all manual microcassette voice recorders are no longer being manufactured...) And that is the Sony 670V, which is 30% lighter weight, smaller, slim, etc.. The other unit which may come close or compareable - and most recent in manual Voice Recorders, is the Sony M450V. So these are your 3 top choices if you are looking for a really nice microcassette Sony. To recap - your choices would be the M560V shown here, the M670V, or perhaps the M450V. All three are good picks. Most other Sony units are significantly older and less dependable, etc.. I do know from experience with them, and other models by different manufacturers. So you want to stick with these 3 if at all possible, unless price is a large factor. There are perhaps several additional ok models, however this is the main road. If you are looking for a new or like new model under $100, you likely wont find it in the Sony 560V, etc.. The Sony M560V has the desirable quality and looks of the most recent, nicer Sony models, etc.. It has very powerful volume, clear recording quality, and is a pleasure to look at. Nice ergonomic design, higher quality parts and functioning. This is about one of the nicest Voice Recorders you can buy in the Sony lineup. It's a good one, so I give it 4 - 5 Stars. Clearly the typical higher price of this model reflects it's desirability. And as they say, you get what you pay for. Very nice and highly recommended!

Mike 17th Jun 2016

Pretty good for the money

I've had mine for three or four years now. I've used it for taking notes as well as recording meetings, and it's good at both. It's small enough that it doesn't draw attention to itself. Now, it's not a supersensitive spy recorder; you're not going to record a quiet coversation across the room. But that's not what it was meant for. It's best for recoding voices within 6-10 feet, although in a pinch it will record (somewhat noisily) from twice that distance. Add an external microphone and you can increase that range. Add an inexpensive telephone pickup and you can record your incoming phone calls, too. Use the VOR function and you can record them automatically. Microcassette recorders are somewhat a dying breed, as digital recorders and flash memory cards plummet in price. But it'll still be a while before you can get a digital voice recorder that can record 90 minutes as cheaply as you can with a microcassette recorder.

Additional Info

Additional Info

90 day exchange warranty
Currently In Stock! Usually Ships within 24hrs. Due to the nature of our inventory this item will only be in stock for a short period of time.
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